MOMS Club of Fullerton & Buena Park, CA

MOMS Offering MOMS Support

MOMS Club of Fullerton & Buena Park, CA activities are usually held during the day and during the week. So our members who work part/full time can still participate, we also have some activities on the weekend and some weekday activities in the early evening. All activities and events and planned by our members each month. Since we understand that mom life is all about balancing the different aspects of our life, there is no minimum participation requirement. You can attend as many or as few events as you would like. Information about our specific events are shared on our Facebook Group.

Child Friendly Activities

Park Play
We schedule many park days where the kids can run, play, and enjoy snacks, giving MOMS a chance talk and enjoy some time outside. Most of these events are open to potential new members and are great ways to meet our club.

Special interest or age groups are formed as needed to support mothers and children that play together.  These groups are ever-evolving as the club shows a need and enable MOMS to form bonds with other women whose children are of similar developmental stages. 


Themed parties are fun to plan and implement as the kids get to celebrate festive times of the year.  Some of these parties include a Halloween Trick-or-treating, Christmas book exchange, and Valentine's exchange and Easter Egg Hunt.

Field Trips

We enjoy outings to local places for no or low cost to our families, where kids get to participate on many levels in the activities.  Some places include baseball stadiums, grocery stores, eateries, fire and police stations, children museums, and many more.

Food Meet-Ups

Our MOMS meet up with each other at kid-friendly eateries. The MOMS and kids can eat and the kids can enjoy time in the play area.

MOMS Only Activities

MOMS Club® of Fullerton & Buena Park, CA offers the possibility of a variety of activities for you to enjoy, occasionally without the kids. 

MOMS Night Out

MOMS just need to get out every once in a while and to enjoy the friendships that we are creating.  Join us for our monthly night out where we get to hang out, relax and do not have to chase after little ones.

Book Club

MOMS also can participate in our monthly book club meetings. Share your thoughts on the selected books. You don't have to read the book to join in the fun!

Coffee and Food Meet-Ups

Here is where we get together and just chat with one another about anything and everything. It is a time where we relax enjoy some coffee or food uninterrupted.

Do-It-Herself Workshops @ Home Depot

This is an opportunity for us to be crafty and to build a household item. It is a great time to learn some new skills along with other moms.

Just Us MOMS Playgroup (JUMP)

Our "Empty Nest" MOMS enjoy a cup of coffee and chat while the kids are at school. Hang out, share ideas, and provide a shoulder as our little ones are growing up so fast.

Couples Night Out (CNO)

MOMS enjoy a night out with their significant other. We go out as couples throughout the year for date nights. Past nights have included CSUF bowling, Brea Jazz Festival, and The Bruery and Pickled Monk to name a few.